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  • Mservo Technical Services is a sole proprietorship company registered in United Arab Emirates
  • Please read these terms carefully before you submit you process any online transactions. By agreeing to proceed with any online transaction, you are agreeing to be bound by these Terms of Sale with immediate effect.
  • By accessing our site www.mservo.ae you agree to be bound to these terms and conditions and our Privacy Policy
  • We may modify these terms for any reason any time by posting new version on our website. These changes do not affect rights and obligations that arose prior to such changes


  • Option 1 (Enquiry Form)- You may choose to submit an enquiry through our website, against which you will receive a call back within 24hrs
  • Option 2 (Contact Customer Service)- You may alternatively choose to get in touch with our customer service team via the details mentioned in the Contact Us page
  • Site Inspection- Upon receipt of the service request our service team will conduct an inspection of the required premises and define the scope of work accordingly.
  • Order Acceptance- Subsequently, a Service Estimate will be sent via email, with the requirement of an online acceptance by the customer
  • Payment- Acceptance of the Service Estimate will redirect you to a payment page powered by our payment gateway partner through a secure channel. By placing an order, you authorize us or our third-party payment processer to process your credit/debit card details for the amount of your order. We accept payment by,
    • credit/debit card;
    • via your wallet; or
    • bank transfer
  • In order to authorize credit/debit card payments, we may be required to create an account for you with our third-party payment processors, including accepting their standard terms and conditions and submitting your details to them on your behalf. You hereby authorize us to do so and we shall not be liable to you for any damage or loss you may incur as a result.
  • We may remove or add cards or other payment methods that we accept at any time without prior notice to you.
  • Cancelling An Order- Once an Estimate is accepted, and payment is processed, a cancellation would not be made possible. Refunds may be facilitated provided relevant justification/reasoning can be determined and is at the discretion of the management
  • When do we cancel an order? We may cancel your order(s) if:
    • Payment is not processed on time;
    • You do not, within a reasonable time of us asking for it, provide us with information that is necessary for us to provide the service; or


Property Access and Owner/Tenant Responsibility During On-Site Work

  • A responsible person, whether this be the property owner, or a representative of the property owner, should enable access to the property as agreed/scheduled, and be present at the property for the duration of the time spent at the property by MSERVO TECHNICAL SERVICES staff.
  • If an MSERVO TECHNICAL SERVICES Team is attending a scheduled and confirmed callout appointment on time, and cannot gain access to the property, MSERVO TECHNICAL SERVICES may consider the callout works as fulfilled and will charge for the work accordingly. Inability to access the property maybe due to the customer not being available to provide access or, on arrival, the customer postpones the appointment.

Liability for Losses

In the highly unlikely event that representatives of MSERVO TECHNICAL SERVICES have given cause for suspicion that customer’s personal belongings have been interfered with, or removed from the property, and this is brought to the attention of the management, MSERVO TECHNICAL SERVICES will conduct a full investigation to ascertain the facts. MSERVO TECHNICAL SERVICES shall not be held responsible or liable for any losses of personal items/personal property, should the investigation find that there is no evidence that the loss is attributable to MSERVO TECHNICAL SERVICES. Tenants/owners should always secure high value items.

On-Line Prices

Prices stated on the official MSERVO TECHNICAL SERVICES web portal may be subject to changes and are restricted to the geographical coverage as described online.

Callout Response Times

MSERVO TECHNICAL SERVICES is committed to attending to callouts, whether these be emergency or non-emergency, according to the response times set out in the contract/MSERVO TECHNICAL SERVICES website/promotional literature. MSERVO TECHNICAL SERVICES will not be held responsible for any damage (caused by any means) to the customer’s property, in the intervening time between the receipt of the callout request by the customer, and the arrival of the MSERVO TECHNICAL SERVICES team.

System/Equipment Malfunction 

Where a system/equipment is malfunctioning, MSERVO TECHNICAL SERVICES would investigate whether the malfunction was attributable to the work carried out by MSERVO TECHNICAL SERVICES. If this was the case, MSERVO TECHNICAL SERVICES would fix the equipment at no charge to the customer. However, where MSERVO TECHNICAL SERVICES recommends a new replacement part/unit, e.g. a Water Heater, but the customer insists on a repair, MSERVO TECHNICAL SERVICES will not be held responsible for any malfunction or subsequent damage caused to the property/assets.

Limited Liability for Damage to Property/Assets

During the contract period, should any damage to the customer’s property/assets be found to be attributable to work carried out by MSERVO TECHNICAL SERVICES, and/or failure to carry out contracted maintenance, the financial liability to MSERVO TECHNICAL SERVICES will be limited to the value of the works, to a maximum value of AED 1,000 or the value of the settled insured amount.

Property Insurance

MSERVO TECHNICAL SERVICES strongly recommends that a home/property insurance plan is in place to cover any damage caused to the property through water leakage, fire, and/or malfunctioning equipment/system, and will support the customer with repair/remediation quotations.

Use of Scaffold or Electric Lifting Equipment and Safety Issues

The use of scaffold or lifting equipment to reach assets, which cannot be reached by normal ladders, will be charged to the customer as an additional fee to the contract fee, unless this fee is specified as included in the contract fee. It is the client’s responsibility to ensure that there is clear access for MSERVO TECHNICAL SERVICES to erect the scaffold/lifting equipment. MSERVO TECHNICAL SERVICES will not access locations in the premises if there is a safety issue which can put our staff at risk. MSERVO TECHNICAL SERVICES will help the customer to try and find a solution to accessing these types of inaccessible locations.

Materials, Consumables and Spare Parts 

Materials, consumables and spare parts are subject to availability in the UAE. Spare parts, consumables, and materials are all chargeable for Basic contracts.

Provision of Incorrect Information by the Customer

If the information on the property provided by the customer is incorrect, eg. the number of rooms in the property, the non-inclusion of relevant maid or driver rooms, the wrong size of water tanks or swimming pools etc., MSERVO TECHNICAL SERVICES will have the right to revise the price charged to the customer accordingly.

Changing an Annual Contract

No changes can be made to an AMC contract within the first year of contract. Any changes may be applied post the first year.

Cancellation of an Annual Contract by a Customer

Where the customer wishes to cancel a contract, a 30 days’ notice to be provided in writing to MSERVO TECHNICAL SERVICES at support@mservo.ae A refund may be processed, but will purely be at the discretion of the management.

Annual Contract Auto Renewal

All AMC contracts are subject to auto renewal post successful completion of one year, for a period of one year.

Cancellation of an Annual Contract by MSERVO TECHNICAL SERVICES

Failure to promptly settle invoice charges may result in either suspension or discontinuation of all services provided in the maintenance contract. Where any sum due and owing to MSERVO TECHNICAL SERVICES under this agreement is not paid in full, or is not paid when due, MSERVO TECHNICAL SERVICES shall be entitled (without prejudice to any other right or remedy) to suspend performance of its obligations under this agreement, by giving no less than 5 working days’ notice to the customer, stating the ground(s) on which it is intended to suspend performance. The right to suspend performance will cease when the customer makes payment, in full, of the amount due.

Expiry of Annual Contracts

After the expiry date of the contract, MSERVO TECHNICAL SERVICES cannot be held responsible for the condition of the assets at the customer’s premises.

MSERVO TECHNICAL SERVICES will provide chargeable routine callout services which can be booked and scheduled through the website, or the MSERVO TECHNICAL SERVICES Customer Service Centre.

Changes to Services and Agreements

Occasionally we may, at our discretion, make changes to our services and agreements. When we make changes to these services/agreements that we consider material, we will notify you via our email service. By continuing to use the MSERVO TECHNICAL SERVICES service after those changes are made, you are expressing and acknowledging your acceptance of the changes.

This Contract is subject to the laws of the Dubai Economic Development (DED). Any dispute arising out of, or in connection with this Contract, including any question regarding its existence, validity, interpretation or termination, shall be referred for amicable settlement by a nominated senior representative of each Party within ninety (90) days of a Party first giving notice of the dispute. If amicable settlement is not reached within such time period (or longer period agreed in writing by the Parties), it shall be referred to the exclusive jurisdiction of the Courts of the DED. In accepting this contract requesting our services, each party irrevocably submits to the jurisdiction of the DED Courts and waives any objection it may have to disputes arising out of, or in connection with this contract being heard in the Courts of Dubai Economic Development, on the grounds that it is an inconvenient forum. This contract shall be governed by and construed in accordance with the laws of the UAE.