Payment Policy

Payment, Refund & Cancellation Policy

This is an Mservo Technical Services policy for Online Payments, Refunds and Cancellations. This policy applies only to activities Mservo Technical Services engages in on its website (“Website”) and does not apply to Mservo services that are “offline” or unrelated to the website. This policy may also be applied to services that are “offline” or unrelated to the website, provided online payments are being facilitated.

1. Product and Service Pricing

The pricing for most of our products and services would depend on the nature of job and duration it would take to complete the task. Indicative pricing for Annual Maintenance Contracts are available on our website and may be availed/confirmed upon contacting our customer service team via our dedicated customer service lines or email. For all other products and services, pricing will be informed to the customer via an official Estimate.

2. Payment

• Upon confirmation of the Estimate, the customer has the choice to fulfill payment via a payment link, POS machine or bank transfer. An invoice will be sent to the customer upon successful completion of payment.
• All payments processed via the payment link will be processed by our appointed payment gateway partners.
• No credit/debit card details will be stored, sold, leased, shared by Mservo Technical Services, to any third parties.
• Any payment details required at the time of processing payment via the payment link, will be provided directly to our payment gateway partner through secure channels.

3. Cancellations & Refunds

• All customer service requests/work orders are only executed upon confirmation of Estimates, which is considered as a booking confirmation between the customer and Mservo Technical Services. And we consider all transactions as FINAL and will not be responsible for any refunds.
• For payments that are ‘advance’ in nature, a cancellation or refund may be requested, provided this request is being raised within 48hrs of the payment being processed. This type of payment (advance payment) may typically be made for our Annual Maintenance Contracts or Home Improvement Works.
• Refunds may be processed if at any given case it is proven that Mservo Technical Services is at fault. The amount of refund to be processed, is a decision that will purely be at the discretion of the management.
• If the customer disputes any amount in the invoice, he/she must notify MSERVO TECHNICAL SERVICES in writing no later than 5 working days, following receipt of the invoice, and both parties shall cooperate in good faith to resolve the issue promptly. If the customer fails to notify MSERVO TECHNICAL SERVICES that it disputes all or part of an invoice in accordance with this clause, the invoice will be deemed valid and properly presented, unless the customer subsequently establishes that there is a manifest error in the way MSERVO TECHNICAL SERVICES has calculated the amounts owing under the invoice.
• Service appointments may be cancelled and then rescheduled, provided the rescheduling request is received within 24 hours of appointment confirmation. An acceptance of cancellation must not be considered as acceptance of refund, and all refunds are at the discretion of the management.